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Mike's Fishing Charters & Tours

Our sportfishing fleet in Puerto Vallarta is the best and largest, with the most experienced captains and crew and are completely rigged to bring you to the hottest fishing spots. Our sport fishing boats will give you a top rated adventure.

Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit in Bahía de Banderas (Bay of Flags) is a world-renown area for it’s Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna and Dorado infested waters. People travel thousands of miles from countries all over the world just to get a taste of the deep sea fishing that Vallarta can offer.

In our fishing charters, cleaning and filleting is always included in the price. To get to the big fish, we offer trips to the Marietas Islands, El Morro, and El Faro. For the biggest fish of all, we offer trips to the legendary waters of Corbetena and El Banco.

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fishing boats Puerto Vallarta



Custom Boat.

Max. passengers: 15
Engines: 2 Cummins 315 hp.
Cruise Speed: 16 knots.

fishing boats Puerto Vallarta



A Bertram type vessel.

Max. passengers: 10
Engines: General Motors, 2 Detroit 215 hp
Cruise Speed: 14 knots.

fishing boats Puerto Vallarta

Karina II



Max. passengers: 15
Engines: 2 Cummins 315 hp
Cruise Speed: 15 knots.

fishing boats Puerto Vallarta




Max. passengers: 20
Engines: 2 General Motors, Detroit 400 HP
Cruise Speed: 18 knots.

fishing boats Puerto Vallarta




Max. passengers: 15
Engines: 2 General Motors, Detroit 315 hp ea
Cruise Speed: 15 knots. A/C

fishing boats Puerto Vallarta

Isabella II



Max. passengers: 15
Engines: 2 General Motors, Detroit 285 Hp
Cruise Speed: 13 knots. A/C

fishing boats Puerto Vallarta




Max. passengers: 4
Engines: 2 Mercury 250 Hp
Cruise Speed: 22 knots.

Price: $ 841 USD

Gross Price = $ 841 USD

Paying online:

$757 USD paying 50% upfront, (10% off discount)

$715 USD paying 100% upfront, (15% off discount)

Our services
Enjoy the most professional services in sport fishing, sea tours, whale watching and sightseeing. Your vacation time is important to us, we will bring you to the best fishing grounds and work hard to make you have the catch of your life.
Wherever you want, whenever you please, however you need it. Make your own fishing plan, and we will make it happen, now it's turn for the fish to play its role in the adventure!

Puerto Vallarta Hosts MEXorc and the San Diego-Puerto Vallarta Race

PRESS CONTACT Gustavo Rivas-Solis Tel: 212-633-2047 gustavo@latitude-intl.com PUERTO VALLARTA HOSTS MEXORC AND THE SAN DIEGO-PUERTO VALLARTA RACE World-Class Event Showcases Maritime Adventures in the Pacific Coast Destination New York – March 5, 2014 - Mexican Ocean Racing Circuit, or MEXorc, the international that began in the 60’s, will return to Puerto Vallarta on March 23 to 29, 2014 when the participants of the San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Yacht Race come to the shores of the Mexican Pacific Coast destination. The week-long event also coincides with Mexico’s Fleet Week, bringing to life a celebration of maritime sports where over 500 participants will participate in long and […]

Kinds of baits and where to find them

Not all people like the same foods. Fish are no different. Choosing the right kind of live bait can depend on the kind of fish you're trying to catch. Here are some commonly used live baits, some listed with tips on where to find them outside of a bait shop: Crayfish - Under rocks or other shelter in lots of cold-water ponds, lakes, streams and rivers.Crickets - Outside under rocks or maybe even in your house!Frogs - In swamps, ponds and other areas with still, shallow water.Grasshoppers - In fields of tall grass.Grubs (insect larvae) - Sometimes they live in your […]

Puerto Vallarta’s Tourism Offer Awarded for its Excellence

New York June 5, 2013 – Tripadvisor’s consumer base of more than 2 million monthly users has voted Puerto Vallarta as the #4 overall best Mexican destination for the 2013 Traveler’s Choice Awards.While occupying 40 miles of diverse terrain, Puerto Vallarta’s attractions can range from water and adventures sports to the longest zip-line in Mexico. At the city’s heart lies the old town with its iconic cathedral, main square and seaside promenade, which comes alive nightly with live musical and artistic performances. Puerto Vallarta also hosts over 30 art galleries displaying works by local, national and international artists.Set to meet any budgets, the […]

Calculate a fish’s weight without a scale

Step 1 - Girth measurementWrap the measuring tape around the widest part of the fish.Take the measurement and square it. Step 2 – LengthTake the tip of the tape to the top of the nose of the fish and extend it to the longest tip of the tail when pinched.Multiply this length by the result of the girth x girth measurement.Step 3 – Final calculationTake your last result and divide it by 800. This will give you the weight of the fish.

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How to Pack for a Boat Day Trip

There nothing quite like an enjoyable day out on a boat with family or friends. Packing for a day on the boat involves knowing some things about your day. Taking along enough gear to keep everyone fed and comfortable for the day is the goal. Instructions 1.  Decide how long you will be out on your boat. This will determine if you need to pack extra picnic supplies or snacks. 2. Know your destination. Some places have restrooms and some don't, so if your boat doesn't have its own bathroom, take along a porta-potty and supplies. 3. Pack sunscreen and […]